This release has been superceded by release 1.2.4 These files exist for historical purposes only.

Release Notes - 1.2.3

The 1.2.3 release of RASDR is the third release of all the software developed for the RASDR project to date. All the source code is maintained for developers on the github repository.

Through the generous support of Lime Microsystems, Ltd., members of the Society of Radio Amateur Astonomers are able to use several prototype hardware modules to develop a software package to enable pre-production evaluation of the specifications and capabilities of the RASDR hardware.


Please obtain the distribution as a single file download: rasdr-distribution-1.2.3.zip

You can obtain individual modules if you wish:

FilenameMD5 sumDate PostedDescription
rasdr-distribution-1.2.3.zip3d5ccbd771f93e145e053454f8076808|2015_10_09|Complete distribution as a single-file download (59MB)
CyControl.zip8026b718e41e21dbc203629cb05ffd55|2015_03_14|Utilities used to reprogram the firmware on the RASDR device over USB
driver.zip9377588859188a54363664d72b93cb38|2015_10_07|The Windows device driver for Win 8/Win 7/Vista/XP
firmware.zip556a1de18ed969b3c2e48f6fbdf13584|2015_10_07|Code for firmware update of the RASDR device
plotcsv.zipad62c1ee171eb8a018c66679bb671a9c|2015_10_09|A utility to post-process recordings made by RASDRviewer
RASDR-Users-manual-v1.7.4.pdf52e84775673d707646a72311e5a2ffb7|2015_10_07|The RASDR User Guide
RASDRviewer1_2_2_2W.zipbff4afe19343cd4bbc7bf4aa9bd5cc92|2015_10_07|The command/control application used to configure the RASDR device and take data


The following modules are available in this distribution: