What is RASDR?

Radio Astronomy research is dominated by large antennas, sensitive front-end radio frequency detection and amplification equipment, a wide-bandwidth analog to digital conversion stage and finally, a computer system to extract and present information. When used in this way, the post-antenna stage is called a Software-Defined Receiver (SDR). The Radio Astronomy Software Defined Receiver (RASDR) is an Open Hardware project undertaken by members of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers(SARA) to develop a low cost, high performance software defined receiver for use by SARA members.

Where can I get it?

The current release of the software and firmware is version 1.2.4.

Additional software developed in between distributions can be obtained from patches.

Is there any documentation?

Please read the User Manual.

You might also want to read the FAQ.


These pages were constructed through the collected effort and information provided by these generous contributions of thought and process. The RASDR team is grateful that they chose to describe the way they made things work so that others could follow in their steps.